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My name is Bert Gielen.

Coach, father, gamer, martial arts practitioner, multipotentialite.


That's right. Not particularly drawn to one profession or one interest, I simply like what I like, do what I do, and that is a lot. My curiosity and fast learning ability take me to exciting new places.

Copywriting, magazine layout, e-learning creation, IT consultancy, communication, coaching, song writing, giving talks, process analysis, training…

I created this website to show you some of my work experiences. Have a look; we might find a match and who knows, we will be working together!


PS: Want to know more about multipotentialites? Check this TED Talk.


It's very simple. Creating stuff is what I like most. Getting an idea, brainstorming a little bit, rethinking it slightly and then... making it. Giving it an existence. Let me give you a few examples...

  • At university, we were (slightly) obsessed with the theatres in Antwerp. But I wasn't following any artistic courses. So we created a play ourselves. And performed it on stage ourselves.
  • A good friend of mine, Kevin Van Staeyen, was asked to provide piano intermezzos during the ESOMAT conference (European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations) at the university of Antwerp. The topic of the conference was SMA (Shape-Memory Alloys), something I had never heard of before in my life. So we made an SMA theme song together. Which he performed to great success.
  • During a project at Belgacom - my role was Change Coordinator - end users were complaining about the complexity of the tools. My colleagues were getting tired of endlessly explaining things. So I created e-learning modules for them. For free. With free software. The modules are now in the Belgacom Academy.
  • While I was working for CTG, it baffled me that there wasn't a Games section in their quarterly news magazine. So I created one. And was asked to join the editing staff.


  • Copywriting
  • Lyrics
  • e-Learning modules
  • Training material
  • ...

(more to follow ;-))

What kind of a skill is 'sharing', you say? Let me explain.

Driven by my curiosity I've come across various topics in the course of my career. After a while, and after being engrossed in the subjects I was researching or working in, I felt the need to share that experience, that knowledge. This has resulted in a number of projects:

  • Being a member of a skilled service center at Toyota allowed me to share my knowledge of PC architecture and troubleshooting techniques with Toyota personnel. You want to work, not waste time on uncooperative computers, right?
  • While working for Gameplay Magazine, I shared my critical reviews of the latest and greatest computer games. My task was not to glorify but to inform.
  • After reading into the topic of introversion, I decided to share my take on it with my colleagues at CTG. Giving that talk was great fun, creating it even more. Apparently my audience enjoyed it too.
  • Training is sharing.
    • FOD Finance needed training on Kepner-Tregoe? Allow me to study it and share it.
    • CEMAC needed extra manpower for their Moodle implementation? I'll configure it after their wishes and share it in the proper documentation.
    • Your company has rolled out a new tool and your personnel needs to know how to work with it? I'll turn the tool upside down (loving that!) and develop working instructions. And present those in creative workshops.


For me, sharing is:

  • Studying something (new) and Prezi or Powerpoint that to you
  • Training people. IT or more people-focused? Makes no difference.
  • Helping out. I think with you, not against you.

How can 'gaming' be a part of your professional life? Consider this...

  • Former freelancer and member of the editing staff of PC Gameplay magazine (now called 'Gameplay')
  • Former editor & writer of the Games section of CTG's quarterly magazine
  • Professional speaker for Gezinsbond. Current topics: "Safe Online" and "Let the Games begin".
  • External subject matter expert for workshop at Karel De Grote Hogeschool: "Apps and games in the out of school care"

Games are bigger than ever. And everybody plays. It pays off to consult someone with insight into this cultural phenomenon.


Gaming is...

I can help.

Project Portfolio

Skilled Service Desk
Talk: Introversion vs Networking Events
Workshop: digital media, apps and games for children
Developing training for ICMS
ICT behind bars
Omnitracker trainer

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Karel de Grote Hogeschool
FOD Economie
UZ Gent
FOD Financiën
CVO Crescendo
Amnesty International Vlaanderen

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