It's very simple. Creating stuff is what I like most. Getting an idea, brainstorming a little bit, rethinking it slightly and then... making it. Giving it an existence. Let me give you a few examples...

  • At university, we were (slightly) obsessed with the theatres in Antwerp. But I wasn't following any artistic courses. So we created a play ourselves. And performed it on stage ourselves.
  • A good friend of mine, Kevin Van Staeyen, was asked to provide piano intermezzos during the ESOMAT conference (European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations) at the university of Antwerp. The topic of the conference was SMA (Shape-Memory Alloys), something I had never heard of before in my life. So we made an SMA theme song together. Which he performed to great success.
  • During a project at Belgacom - my role was Change Coordinator - end users were complaining about the complexity of the tools. My colleagues were getting tired of endlessly explaining things. So I created e-learning modules for them. For free. With free software. The modules are now in the Belgacom Academy.
  • While I was working for CTG, it baffled me that there wasn't a Games section in their quarterly news magazine. So I created one. And was asked to join the editing staff.


  • Copywriting
  • Lyrics
  • e-Learning modules
  • Training material
  • ...

(more to follow ;-))

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