What kind of a skill is 'sharing', you say? Let me explain.

Driven by my curiosity I've come across various topics in the course of my career. After a while, and after being engrossed in the subjects I was researching or working in, I felt the need to share that experience, that knowledge. This has resulted in a number of projects:

  • Being a member of a skilled service center at Toyota allowed me to share my knowledge of PC architecture and troubleshooting techniques with Toyota personnel. You want to work, not waste time on uncooperative computers, right?
  • While working for Gameplay Magazine, I shared my critical reviews of the latest and greatest computer games. My task was not to glorify but to inform.
  • After reading into the topic of introversion, I decided to share my take on it with my colleagues at CTG. Giving that talk was great fun, creating it even more. Apparently my audience enjoyed it too.
  • Training is sharing.
    • FOD Finance needed training on Kepner-Tregoe? Allow me to study it and share it.
    • CEMAC needed extra manpower for their Moodle implementation? I'll configure it after their wishes and share it in the proper documentation.
    • Your company has rolled out a new tool and your personnel needs to know how to work with it? I'll turn the tool upside down (loving that!) and develop working instructions. And present those in creative workshops.


For me, sharing is:

  • Studying something (new) and Prezi or Powerpoint that to you
  • Training people. IT or more people-focused? Makes no difference.
  • Helping out. I think with you, not against you.
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