Workshop at Karel de Grote Hogeschool!

An Piessens, a good friend of mine, called me a while ago, asking if I could help out with a planned workshop at Karel De Grote Hogeschool (Antwerp). Something about digital media, apps and games in out-of-school care environments. And, oh yeah, if I was willing to co-host the workshop.

As it so happens, An was aiming at 2 birds of mine with one stone. Rocket-powered stones with auto-targeting enabled, in fact. Silly metaphors aside: I was all ears.

We met up, together with her colleague Ben, at the beautiful Campus Zuid. It didn’t take long before my brain was warmed up (that cup of coffee might have helped) and did its usual ‘talking at 200 km/h while others try to keep up, frantically taking notes’-routine. I can’t help it. My passions give me boundless energy.

I almost felt sorry for them. That tsunami of compressed brain contents must have hit them like a ton o’ bricks. Well, I said almost. When the final presentation was completed, it was my privilege to keep adding to the content 😉

The workshop itself was over before I knew it. Great interaction with the students, enthousiastic reactions, critical questions… excellent. Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

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  1. Well. For us it was actually great fun. And we like a sparkling conversation or 2 too. Mean to call you for next question. 😏

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